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The following report came to be as a response to a changing market in 2007, when the real estate tap turned off and left in its wake many difficulties.  We vowed to be better prepared for the next down turn and to figure out how to see it coming.  After multiple economics courses, one kind professor helped to determine the factors to track, to see around the next corner and spot the next recession before its impact could be felt.  
This information has been used to guide our clients through one on one visits for over the 14 years. Today for the first time we have determined to make this information more widely available, to empower our clients and friends to make the very best decisions they can financially.  It truly is the culmination of a work that spans back to 2005 and we hope it will be a blessing to you the reader. Please feel reach out, to ask questions and make observations of how to make this information more meaningful to you. 

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