Enjoy relaxing in Utah County real estate and homesInquiring minds are challenged near Springville homes at Exit Strategy. In this exciting entertainment venue, guests are entrapped in secured themed rooms of their own choosing. Adding to their appeal, these rooms are creatively inspired by popular and beloved board games. When the clock starts ticking play will begin. Participants must find a way to escape before time runs out. 

Amateur Detectives Search For Clues On Springville Property

Three provoking rooms are ready for action. Get A Clue is based on everyone’s favorite murder mystery game. But here, not only must the entrapped find the killer and their weapon of choice, they must also find a way out.

It’s all aboard on Ticket Outta Here. This space is influenced by the classic Ticket To Ride board game. Here passengers departing from Springville homes must secure their thinking caps. Navigational skills and travel savvy must be utilized to successfully arrive at the desired destination.

The holiday season is here but poor Santa Claus has been the victim of an untimely kidnapping. The scene in Christmas Candy Crisis is Kris Kringle’s office where the jolly old elf has left a variety of magical items to help locate him. Lord Licorice is a dedicated foe and not easily discovered. Characters from Candyland will assist by tossing out clues here and there.

Located at 1190 N. Spring Creek Place, this Springville property brings fun to a new level. Advanced reservations are required by Exit Strategy. Book online or call 801.477.7019. Challenge your mind today.