Sadly, these days I don't have much hair, but there was a day long ago, when I did have some great flowing locks, and this is how I came to know Marc. Marc is the owner of Marc Anthony's Salon and day Spa, and have been blessed to consider him a friend for almost as long as I have lived here, which is about 24 years. Back in the day, while he was cutting my hair, I would talk about the stresses of college, and he would talk about his dream of opening a New York style salon and spa. He had just returned from Hollywood where he spent his time making celebrities look like celebrities and now that he was home, he wanted to pursue his dream. On the North East corner of Main and 200 South is the beautiful fulfillment of his vision. Talented people, an atmosphere which is just the right balance of conversation and relaxing music, skill and serious hair product, all culminating in your best hair day ever. With those days of flowing locks behind me, I don't have much need for his product or services with one beautiful exception, his massage therapists. Sore, stressed, over worked and under loved? (family joke), take my word for it, you will be glad you did.


There is a bit of a debate here between growth and the small town feel that we are trying hard to hold on to. I am not sure what the right answer is, but what I can say is that Springville currently is a good balance of the two. We have just enough friendly people to make it feel Mayberryesk, just enough restaurant’s to have a good variety, just enough historic downtown to be charming, and just enough bronze statues and art museums to be considered cultured as a community, with of course the one possible exception being the writer. The point I am trying to make is that I love Springville, its not perfect, but it has been a fantastic place to raise a family, and has all the elements I never knew I always wanted.


Breathing some fun in what sometimes can feel like a long winter, Jerry Gardner a local artist spends time after each snow storm making the morning commute a little brighter. Jerry takes wheel barrow loads of snow and makes them into snow sculpture masterpieces. If you are on the round about at 1300 east and 400 south, and are finding the traffic slowing as you turn right onto Canyon Road, the most likely reason is will be Jerry at his work.


snow dragon


The Bonneville shore line trail, is my winter go to when I need dirt and the promise of spring.This might seem strange to the reader, but I'm actually writing this blog on my iPhone as I am hiking this wonderful trail. Recently we went through some of the coldest temperatures and the most snow we have seen in over two decades. A week ago our valley woke up to 40° temperatures, and many like myself were grateful for the change. In the winter this south facing trail is happily free of snow much of the time. Today, February 8th its above 50 degrees, and I could not help myself. Out came my trail runners, shorts and T-shirt. It is a great day to be on this trail, which spans from the mouth of Hobblecreek across from the diversion dam, to Provo Canyon, which is just a little further than I want to go. The trail can be accessed at multiple points and junctures along its path. Here are just a few.


The Springville trail and future city connector trail is loved by walker's, jogger, bike riders, and long boarders. It is 6 miles in length and follows Canyon Road into Hobble Creek past the new city lake/beach, past the water diversion dam and crosses Hobble Creek a few times as it winds its way to its completion, just past the Golf Course. At Canyon Road and 2900 East there is a junction with a new city connector trail. This asphalt trail passes the city lake and continues for 6 miles through the town of Mapleton. This trail is slated to continue through Spanish Fork, Salem, Payson and end at Santaquin. It will be 17 miles of safe running and biking, for those looking for some distance.


The Mapleton Canyon Trail, although not officially in Springville, is too good not to include. For years Mapleton and Springville have grown together, educated their kids together, and this trail (like so many other things) is shared and loved by both. I frequent this trail multiple times a week with my faithful running partner Bastian, a Golden Doodle who could speak if he had the anatomy for it. I could write a blog just about him and call it an Ode to Bastian, but will save that for another day. Like most trails, this one has its frequent flyers, a myriad of good people who visit as often as possible. These regulars greet me with a smile and a dog treat for Bastian. One sweet woman, who walks the trail daily, says that seeing Bastian is the Highlight of her day! I think it’s the highlight for Bastian as well. In the winter, this is a great place to try snowshoeing and if it has not snowed for a few days, snowshoes are optional because the trail will be packed down and can be navigated with running shoes. During the winter there is a gate blocking the road. Go past the gate and up the burner of gluts, and as the hill levels off you will see a trail to your right. In the spring, summer and fall, the gate is open and you will see a dirt road to a parking lot, which is the trail head. (On Canyon Road turn south on 1700 East, which will lead you through what the locals call the Springville/Mapleton dip, and turns into Main Street in Mapleton. Turn east on 400 North and follow to the destination.


Honorable Mention should be given to Hobble Creek Golf Course and the Art Museum. Each qualify to be on this list, but I am not the right person to sing their praises. It requires someone who knows more about golf than four, or is it fore? Someone who understands art and who could intelligently share what all the different rooms and types of art mean. Yeah, that's not me.



~ Kelly Ercanbrack is a Husband, Father, Real Estate Broker, Harebrained Idea Creator, and C average writer.