It’s people! I am a transplant to this little community through marriage. I knew I was head over heals for the girl, but did not realize I would fall in love with the town she called home.We moved into a little apartment after we were married and have moved 5 times since, each time not having the heart to leave Springville. When you walk down the street or through Reams grocery store (more on this later). People say hi and are friendly, even if they don't know you. When there is a community activity or if someone is in need, people show up. I have had many great clients over the years who have moved here, and all have been welcomed into their neighborhoods.

The New City Library is one of many architecturally beautiful buildings in our downtown district. With it's copper accents and rotunda, it really adds to this part of our community.Now by this time, you have mostly likely concluded that I am a bit of nerd. So to solidly your conclusion, I visit library's when I travel. Not every trip, not every city, but I have found them to be a great source for free wifi, air conditioning and a respite from the noise of a bustling city. My point is that I have seen a few library's in my day, and have never seen one that compares to ours. I have mentioned its aesthetic appeal, which extend both inside and out,it has all of what you would expect to find; lots of books, audio books, videos, computers,comfortable couches and chairs to relax with a good book or to study. The beauty of it is what I have never encountered. It feels part museum, part library which is especially noticeable In the kids section. It has stations for the kids to interact, some with monitors that respond to the child's movement as they navigate through games and activities. Other areas are organized for story telling and learning time. The kid size furniture, and other programs make this more of a wonderland for kids than a boring stuffy library.

In the summer of 2016 the city opened a new public park complete with a spring fed lake and sandy beach, and it has become a hub of activity during the warmer months of the year.A great place where children and adults can catch some rays, build sand castles and enjoy the cool water. Mid-week is always less crowded than the weekend and is a fantastic place to spend a few hours when parents and the kids need something fun to do. It is located off Canyon Rd and 2900 East...Don't forget your sunscreen.



 ~Kelly Ercanbrack Husband, Father, Real Estate Broker, Harebrained Idea Creator, and C average writer.