There are few things that accompany a newly purchased home. The obligatory warm cookies from the surrounding neighbors, a get-together with house warming gifts, and the slow fading of the new paint smell are among the first experiences. After settling in, there is a popular benefit to owning a home that is not typically found with apartments and condos. Making a small garden in the yard is the quintessential mark of a home owner. There are few basic steps to creating a new garden.

1.    Start Small- Unless you are an experienced farmer, it might be helpful to keep your initial garden size around 10 to 15 feet.

2.    Evaluate Soil- It’s important to know the quality of your soil and how to improve it. Testing the quality of your soil can be done at home in a few simple steps. Gardening in Utah typically requires the purchase of soil or potting mixes.

3.    Location- Find a sunny area in the yard, especially for growing vegetables. You may also optionally build raised gardening beds.

4.    Protect your Garden- You may decide to use wire fencing and mulching to protect your garden from animals and erosion.

5.    Topsoil- Roll up your sleeves. Breaking up the surface of your soil is important and difficult, especially in Utah. Mix in any purchased soil with your broken-up soil, following any directions on the bag.

6.    Go Plant Shopping- You could plant a beautiful flower garden, but growing and eating your own vegetables is delicious. Pay attention to the various ratings created to inform you what plants can survive in what climates.


7.    Plant, plant, plant- The steps to plant a plant are completely determined by the type of plant you selected. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging.