Calling all Foodies. The Wednesday afternoon buffet at Magelby's is the place to be and has something for everyone's palate. It is small but well crafted, and has a good variety of excellent meats, salads, and desserts. It is growing in popularity as word spreads and is attracting more than just locals. My favorites are the honey glazed salmon, the Mediterranean salad and in my dream world, what every meal would begin with, a slice of Magelby's Chocolate Cake. Consider it like the book ends that round out the perfect meal. A slice of the best Chocolate cake in the valley to start, and one to complete the experience. It is bliss, trust me on this. Oh and by the way, do try the carrot cake. It has brought a tear to the eye of many manly men, no names will be mentioned here, you know who you are. Beyond its great presentation and attention to flavor and taste, this buffet is also a fantastic value at $14.


 I don't know many who would place their local grocery store as one of the prominent features of their community, but I am compelled to do so and this is why. Tenacity! In a world of large chain stores, Reams has been serving our community for 71 years and continues to improve, and refine what they do. They are not afraid of going away, they are afraid of not being the best and I love that about them. They have taken their space and have consistently beautified and enhanced the experience for the customer. Here are just a few examples. If you're in the market for produce, they have by far the best quality produce in the city and perhaps the whole county. If you have a special event or are looking for something different to spice up a dinner, talk to the butcher, he is full of ideas for different cuts of meat and can make sure you have what you need, on the date you need it. I am involved in an annual fund raiser for the scouts and these guys always come through with the best price for the Tri-Tip Roast we barbecue. To provide more convenience to the community, they've added both a pharmacy as well as a large pizza oven, where you can purchase an old world style pizza, cooked with fruit wood, that would win an arm wrestling match with any chain store pizza's. Their Bakery has always been a bright spot in Springville, 




Springville, and if you are a fritter connoisseur, you have come to right place. They always have Apple, my favorite, and rotate through 30 other flavors like blueberry, cherry chocolate, lemon, mint chocolate, pineapple, piña colada, raspberry and banana split. Would you like a specific flavor? They do requests and Saturday is Piña Colada day, so you know where I will be. Their deli has everything you would expect with the addition of real ice cream, which is fantastic. A number of times a year they have what they call a Rib Event, and it never ceases to make me happy! When I drive by and see the sign announcing the Rib Event, subconsciously my body knows what to do, and immediately asks Siri to create an appointment to pick up ribs at 6pm. Ribs and happiness are pretty much the same thing, I’ve discovered. When you have your items and return to the front of the store, you are greeted by your checker who is standing in front of the register looking to guide you to them. I have not mentioned any names or said anything about the friendly atmosphere because there would be too many people to mention, and this was supposed to be a short blog. Suffice it to say, this is most happening place on a Friday or Saturday night, if want a social event and to see the community come out, come to Reams you'll be glad you did.


~Kelly Ercanbrack Husband, Father, Real Estate Broker, Harebrained Idea Creator, and C average writer.