The kitchen is the central hub of your home. It is the place where much of the entertaining of the house will be primarily the holidays or other events. Make sure your kitchen is a warm and inviting place where family and friends will feel comfortable and want to gather. Use some of these renovation ideas to make the kitchen a place where people will want to congregate.

1.       Consider your cabinets. If you don’t have the money to replace or update them, you can change the color by painting them. Choose a color that is warm an inviting.

2.       Something that is a simple fix and can completely change the look of the kitchen is the fixtures on the cabinets. It is an economical and easy fix you can do yourself.

3.       Change the color in your kitchen. A change in color can give your kitchen a whole different feel and one that can draw people into the home.

4.       Lighting in a room is the most important thing to attract people to the kitchen. Change or get new lighting to spruce up the area, to make it more inviting for guests.

5.       The flooring in a space like a kitchen can have a considerable effect on how people come into your home. Change to hardwood floors or a nice-looking tile. These are not only more comfortable but can look great.

6.       New countertops can add to the flavor of the kitchen. A countertop that is both sturdy and has a great color can add to the ambiance of the house.

7.       Appliances are an essential part of the kitchen. Getting a refrigerator that is both functional and matches the color and theme can drastically improve the feel of a kitchen to guests.

8.       Improving the space of the kitchen is always a good idea. Whether it is adding more cabinets, increasing the size of a pantry or using shelving within an enclosure can provide a tidy and cleaner looking kitchen.

9.       In addition to utilizing the space within the kitchen, you can also find ways to store things on the counter space or trying things like a pot rack to make more space.

10.   Something as simple as improving the windows in the kitchen by putting up a curtain or other simple amenity can improve the looks of the space.   

With small improvements to the kitchen, you can make the kitchen an entertainment hub that people will talk about long after they leave.