People have found ways to create containers for a very long time. In prehistoric times, animal bladders were stitched closed and used to carry water. Eventually, clay was used to create containers as early as 5000 BC. Glass came onto the scene as a container around 1500 BC. Containing something like water is important, but what about keeping something contained long-term? Storing something is also an ancient concept. There are records of the ancient Chinese creating public storage facilities. Perhaps the most iconic example is the ancient Egyptians. In addition to being elaborate graves, the great pyramids doubled as kind of religious storage space for artifacts to make the journey into the afterlife.


What happens when you just have too much stuff to fit in your home? Aside from buying a bigger house, you can pay someone else to store it for you. The modern storage facility got its start in 1958. Lauderdale storage was the first company to offer public storage space as a service in Florida. Since then, public storage facilities have grown throughout the world. There are different sized facilities to meet the demand of the public. Here are a few common benefits offered by many storage companies.


·         Storage units ranging from 6’ X 8’ to 24’ X 30’

·         Office/Warehouses for business

·         Roll-up doors or regular man-doors

·         Truck accessibility

·         Lighting and power

·         Parking spaces for vehicle storage

·         Larger units to accommodate vehicles needing coverage

·         24-hour access every day with a key deposit


·         Cameras and fenced yards to provide security