When it comes to meeting people, most of the time first impressions matter. Whether it is for an interview, at a party, or meeting your neighbors for the first time, people often remember how you were the first time you met. The same thing happens as people see your home for the first time. As the expression goes, “You only get one time to make a first impression.” Make sure you get the most out of people’s first impression by showing them your home in its best light.


This one especially hits home for me. When I went to look at a house recently, the homeowner’s were in the process of moving, and they weren’t ready for showing at the time. Afterward, when we talked to our agent, we couldn’t get over the amount of clutter that was in the house. If the people are looking at your house and see a messy house, it is distracting to the point they can’t imagine themselves living in the home. If your home is in the process of moving and cleaning, it may be a good idea to delay the showings. Make sure the house is in the best possible state of clean before taking photos and showing it to potential buyers.


Light is your friend when it comes to showing your house. It gives people a chance to see the home with all its best features. When showing, make sure all the possible windows are open, so it allows the natural light to come into the home. The natural light also helps buyers imagine themselves on a relaxing day in the house.

Utilize Space

If you have a great open space, make sure to utilize that in both photos and showings. If you have a kitchen and free area with that space, taking a picture to show that will draw people in and help them realize the space and can see it as a place to entertain. Buyers love seeing open areas and how they can use it with their families.

Take Photos during the Spring and Summer Months if Possible

Especially if your yard is something that is a great asset to your home, let people see that in your listing. If it is possible, take some great pictures of your yard when greenery is blooming, and things are lush and entirely green. Make sure the yard is in tip-top shape as well.

Just like any time you meet someone, first impressions matter. Make sure your home is decluttered, shown in the best light, and you utilized the space in the best possible way. When people see pictures of your home, they should feel like they are home.